Don’t be THAT LADY: See what Cabinet Makers want you to bring to the first meeting.

On any number of the awesome reality tv shows centered around home renovation to get the After months of debating if you should go through with it you’ve finally decided to take the leap and upgrade your kitchen space. You and your spouse might have some hesitations, and for good reason, but we want to assure you that the process can be much easier than you think.

Giving your kitchen a makeover can be an exciting but nerve-racking process, especially if you are new to renovation. Remember that change is a good thing. Finding the right team to who shares your vision is key. Your initial meeting with your cabinet maker is usually a very encouraging experience that furthers your excitement for that transformation! In order to best serve you, they need as much information as possible so things can go smoothly.

So DON’T BE THAT LADY: the one who isn’t prepared, doesn’t know what she’s looking for, or who doesn’t have realistic expectations.

Instead do this.

Know what you’re looking for.

Creating the ideal look and feel for your kitchen will ultimately be entrusted to you, the customer. Who better to conceptualize your new space than you? You may know someone who takes a picture of their desired haircut into the salon to show their hairdresser their vision. Use that logic! Any and all photos are a big help. Make a list of what you do and do not want your home to look like. Any additional notes regarding the functionality of your kitchen can really help our team to create the perfect look for you and your family. The more information and references you can provide us, the better we can assist you in making your dream a reality.

Login to HOUZZ.COM and set up a free account. From there you can set up ideabooks for your kitchen and baths. You can even share your ideabooks with your cabinet maker.


Utilize by creating boards specifically for your kitchen and bath ideas. This will allow you to have a home base where all your favorite ideas reside.


Don’t feel bad if you have questions. We take pride in listening to your concerns and making sure we’re on the same page. With over 80 years combined experience, we’ve seen just about everything. The more we can get on the same page, the better.

Have an idea of what you want to spend.

One of the beautiful things about creating a budget is understanding and making a plan for what your your final costs will be. A common mistake among first time renovators is a lack of foresight for potential changes in your plan. Creating room in your budget that allows modifications and tweaks to the desired design is important. All the diehard HGTV fans have seen enough episodes of Fixer Upper to know that sometimes unexpected changes pop up, and phone calls are made about changes to the budget. Remember, your Evolution Design Granite or Quartz countertops come with a satisfaction guarantee. If there is a problem…we will solve it.

*We can’t promise you’ll meet Chip or Joanna Gaines. Sorry to disappoint.

Do your homework

Research is an important part of decision making when it comes to your home. Wouldn’t it be awesome to actually see what your kitchen would look like with new countertops before you made a selection? With our Virtual Kitchen Design tool you can try any combo of cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and flooring of your liking. This tool aims to give you an idea of the right colors and textures for the rest of your space. You might be surprised when you see a design you never imagined now catches your eye. Maybe yellow, black and brown wasn’t such a good idea after all! Feel free to try lots of variations until you’ve found what you’re looking for. (Heads up, it can be addictive!) If all else fails turnjuices flowing. Measure twice, cut once.

Know your home

Nobody knows your house quite like you do. All of the fun details comprising your decor and colors are predominantly dictated by you. We want you to continue to be in love with your culinary space. So if remodeling, find out the exact measurements of your current cabinets, countertops, etc. If you know how to do that, give us a can and we can help. Do you want to upgrade, downsize, or keep the same dimensions? If building new, then email or bring your plans in with you. What problems are you currently dealing with? What does your spouse like or dislike about your setup. Understanding the different materials that make up your kitchen space helps us give you the best insight on what will work and what will clash.

We shouldn’t need much more insight than that. If you can come to the first meeting prepared with this information, things will work out nicely for everyone and your dream kitchen will soon become reality. Thanks for not being THAT LADY. We appreciate it.


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